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For All Phases of Life


Clients are unique

Whether you are coming to us with an existing portfolio, concentrated positions, or with cash proceeds from a sale or inheritance, our team of investment professionals will spend time getting to know your unique needs and goals and develop a plan moving forward.

We start by understanding you: your timeline, tolerance for risk, tax position and any other special circumstances or situations in order to customize an investment strategy for your needs.

Wealth Transition Plan

  • Current Portfolio Insights and Recommendations

  • Anticipated timeline

  • Tax Considerations

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Investing for generations requires understanding your past and thinking about your assets with a long-term outlook, while being mindful of shorter term obstacles.  Our comprehensive solutions include globally diversified strategies utilizing a combination of equities, fixed income, alternative assets and cash.


Investment Philosophy

Today’s world demands a global investment focus.  Successful investing requires a balance between reward and risk.

During normal market conditions, we favor high quality companies, which we define as those with competitive advantages in their markets and a history of strong financial & operational performance.  In addition, we look for individual securities that show consistent earnings growth, while being valuable relative to their peers.

Our philosophy is to select individual securities while utilizing ETFs*, to support areas we believe benefit from additional diversification, or when low liquidity is present in smaller markets around the world.


The Investment Team is comprised of disciplined and tenured individuals with significant experience managing global portfolios for both individual and institutional investors.  The unique experiences of each member on our investment team shape our philosophy of investing. Meet the Team.


Investment Process


We invest in both growth and value securities - shifting when appropriate - to navigate financial markets through time and cycles.  CIP’s investment strategies embrace both active and passive management.

Our portfolios are mindfully crafted for five different investment objectives.  Through time, your objectives may change, and our approach may too.

We intentionally have wide ranges for each asset class to be nimble when market factors.

Asset Tactical Weights



Equity Emphasis


Fixed Income Emphasis

Fixed Income

Objective Cash Fixed Income Equity Alternatives
Equity 0-20% 0-20% 60-100% 0-20%
Equity Emphasis 0-20% 0-40% 50-90% 0-20%
Balanced 0-20% 20-60% 30-70% 0-20%
Fixed Income Emphasis 0-20% 50-90% 0-40% 0-20%
Fixed Income 0-20% 60-100% 0-20% 0-20%

A core belief of our firm is for employees to have an owner’s mindset and work ethic.  Included with that belief is choosing to have a meaningful portion of our own net worth invested, using the same strategies as our clients.  

Invested alongside our clients


*Diversified funds may be used in lieu of individual securities when appropriate diversification may not be achieved either by account size or restriction.