You worked hard to secure your wealth. Our first priority is to protect what you entrust to us.

As a thoughtful, caring steward, we help select clientele define, plan and invest for their financial goals. Our family office services include comprehensive global wealth management for individuals and business owners.


Your Wealth. Our Responsibility.

Execution of an effective investment strategy requires an unobstructed channel of communication between you and those making investment decisions.  From goal setting through implementation, CIP removes barriers and allows information to flow efficiently throughout the process.


Financial Planning - For All Generations

CIP believes that a well-crafted financial plan is an expression of your most meaningful values and goals. Our process allows your goals to become clear and actions to be focused – allowing you to proceed with confidence.


Global Investment Management – For All Phases Of Life

Our clients have direct access to the team creating investment strategies of our own design to be executed for their unique needs. These strategies are flexible – both for your life journey and also for broader market cycles.